Working at Terminal

At Terminal, I work on a broad range of things. From all design related things to contributing to the codebase and coordinating with the back-end on what endpoints to consume. I also participate in conversations on tooling and engineering process. I advocate for user-centered design, which can be challenging in fast-moving startup where everything is an experiment.

Terminal makes it really easy to get started with development without the fuss with of dealing with environments. With development being cloud based, it is easy to scale up or down as well as collaborate and share work with others.

Everyone in engineering uses the product so good feedback was a deploy to staging away. Additionally, since development work was done in the cloud, it was easy to send a link to show in progress work.

Evolution of the terminals page

Confusing /terminals page when I started
First pass at consolidating the color space
Adding inline actions

It was a pain to have to select the row and then move your mouse away from the context to take an action. Additionally batch operations were popular internally, but found to be not very popular outside the company.

Better status indicators, more actions inline

Customers appreciated the inline delete action because they felt it was actually quite scary to delete using the batch action. Customer's didn't really care too much about specific CPU and RAM, the instance type signaled enough information about power. Adding a status light made it easier to scan for running containers.

Aspirational design that never got prioritized


Snapshot description page
Snapshot explore page
Redesigned the blog, added some graphics to posts


On a small level, I noticed that we got less support tickets about confusing pieces in the UI. A lot of our customers appreciated the reduced friction and were willing to pay more for our product than something like Amazon with highly granular controls. In the end, it was hard to make the public cloud profitable, so we are focusing on our work with education providers who need environments.